CHISA 2023

The chemical-engineering conference CHISA was hold from 6. to 9. November 2023 at The Conference center of Academy of Science CZ in Třešť chateau. The 3. place for the best student contribution was awarded to Laura Bábanová. Her work, Functionalized polymer membranes for pesticide degradation, was elaborated based on the cooperation with Istituto per la Tecnologia delle Membrane (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) Italy. She is a student at the Department of Chemical Engineering and her master thesis is supervised by Assoc. Prof. Jitka Čejkova and prof. Karel Friess.



The Czech conference MEMPUR 2023 took place in Pardubice 5.-6.9.2023. Karel delivered a plenary lecture about New composite materials for membrane separation processes. Congratulations go to Jana, who was awarded The best poster award.

Karel visiting MIT

Thanks to the MIT-Czech Republic Seed Fund, Karel spent 1 week at MIT. He has visited his research partner prof. Dinca (Group of Functional inorganic and organic materials). The collaboration is based on the project “Clean Energy Applications with Mixed-Matrix Membranes of 2D MOFs”. The project is focused on the development of multifunctional 2D structured MOFs for the application in the area of energy storage and gas separations.

Imagine Membrane 2023

Daniel and Marketa have participated in Imagine Membrane 2023 conference. The venue took place in the Azores from 26 to 31 March. Daniel has been awarded with “Student EMS Conference Fee Award”.

Emil Votocek scholarship for Saeed

Saeed was awarded Emil Votocek scholarship for 2023. The scholarship is intended for the best Ph.D. students from UCT Prague. In addition, his Ph.D. research project for 2023 was accepted for funding. Congrats.