Laboratory of Membrane Separation Processes

Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Department of Physical Chemistry UCT Prague

About us

The membrane separation processes (MSPs) belong to modern technologically important separation methods. In comparison with conventional separation techniques, MSPs constitute a low-cost, less energy-consuming and environmentally friendly alternative. Recently, MSPs are used in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. Our group is focused on a basic research.
What do we do?
We prepare, modify and test new polymeric materials developed for targeted gas or vapour separations such as CH4/CO2 separation from biogas, selective CO2 separation from gas mixtures or O2/N2 separation from air. Such materials are based on polymers with high free volume or with the intrinsic microporosity, as well as the hybrid polymer materials containing nanoparticles inside polymer matrix (mixed matrix membranes).
How we do it?
Our work consists of both experimental and theoretical aspects. The Bachelor, Master or Post-graduate students can focus on the study of theoretical and experimental fundamentals of transport of gases, vapors and their mixtures in polymer membranes and on membrane preparation and their post-treatment procedures.
Our future?
Based on our results the newly acquired knowledge can be subsequently applied in the improvement of membrane preparation with the aim of membrane process upscaling.