Saeed continues

Saeed was invited to attend Baden Württemberg post-conference meeting. This fascinating conference was held at the University of Konstanz, University of Tübingen, University of Freiburg, Ulm University, University of Stuttgart, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Heidelberg University, and Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology (ICT). This comprehensive programs provide opportunities, collaboration and realizing the cutting-edge in the research works on Fuel cells, Batteries, Supper capacitors, MOFs, bio-physics and recent advances in clean energy.

Daniel won poster award

Daniel was awarded the best poster presentation at the National Chemical and Process engineering congress CHISA 2021.  The 68. congress was postponed due to COVID restrictions and was held in Liblice between 16. and 18. May 2022.

NAMS 2022

Karel participated in The North American Membrane Society 31st annual meeting “Membranes for sustainability” in Tempe, Arizona. He has presented an oral lecture on the topic of “Metal ions-doped ultrahigh flux composite GO-SWCNT membranes for efficient H2 separation and a poster of his doctoral student Saeed work on the topic of Magneto-responsive polycrystalline Co0.5Ni0.5FeCrO4: Synthesis, dispersion control, and its tunability into CTA polymer matrix under the augmented-magnetic field for CO2 capturing and H2 separation applications.

Euromembrane 2021

Karel Friess and Tereza-Markéta Durďáková participated at Euromembrane 2021 (Copenhagen, Denmark, 28.11.-2.12.2021). Tereza-Markéta presented the lecture on the topic “Perstraction and
Pervaporation: Two Approaches for Xylene Isomers Separation” and Karel spoke about “Metal ions-doped ultrahigh flux composite graphene oxide/carbon nanotubes (GO-SWCNT) membranes for targeted gas separations”

About Us

The membrane separation processes (MSPs) belong to modern technologically important separation methods. In comparison with conventional separation techniques, MSPs constitute a low-cost, less energy-consuming and environmentally friendly alternative.