M.Sc. Marek Lanč, Ph.D.

Position: Assistant professor
Year of birth: 1989
Email: lancmarek@gmail.com
Phone: +420724787513
Marek Lanč


  • 2014 - 2018 Ph.D., Physical chemistry, UCT Prague
    • Thesis: Gas and vapour transport in modern membrane materials
    • Study of gas transport and separation properties of high free volume polymers, graphene oxide membranes, mixed matrix membranes and ionic liquid filled membranes
  • 2012 - 2014 M.Sc., Physical chemistry, ICT Prague
    • Thesis: Study of gas transport in high free volume polymers
    • Graduated with honours, Dean’s award
  • 2015 - 2017 Bc., Technical Teacher Training, UCT Prague
    • Thesis: Practical tasks of the 53rd Chemistry Olympiad in Category A
  • 2009 - 2012 B.Sc.,Chemistry (Eurobachelor®), ICT Prague
    • Thesis: Gas transport in high free volume polymers
    • Graduated with honours, Dean’s award
  • 2001-2009 Grammar school, GOB a SOŠ Telč


    • 2018 Awarded by Minister of Ministry of Education, Youth and sports for the overall performance during Ph.D. study
      • 2017 Award of Dekonta a.s. for interesting work with enviromental topic, Conference CHISA (Seč, Czech Republic)
        • 2017 EMS travel award to Imagine Membranes (Azores, Portugal)
          • 2017 Rector (UCT Prague) award for best oral presentation, Conference Mempur (Pardubice, Czech Republic)
            • 2016 Poster award at "Advanced Membrane Technology VII, ECI conference series" by Jjournal of Applied polymer science
              • 2016 Rector award 2016 for "Excellent UCT Prague promotion and student representation"
                • 2016 Travel award by EMS to Summer membrane school (Bertinoro, Italy)
                  • 2015 Travel award by EMS to Euromembrane (Aachen, Germany)
                    • 2014 Award of Werner von Siemens for Diploma thesis
                      • 2014 Hlávka’s prize
                        • 2014 Unipetrol award
                          • 2014 Crytur award 2014 1st place in contest for the best Master thesis in material science
                            • 2014 Stand-up show "Diplomky na stojáka" - Scientific committee and audience award
                              • 2014 Famelab Czech Republic
                                • Czech Final (British Council and NGO ADETO joint award)
                                • Local round in Zlín (Audience award)
                              • 2013 Students' scientific conference „Chemie je život“ (“Chemistry is life”), BUT Brno
                                • Modern polymeric materials with intrinsic microporosity (2nd place and audience award)
                              • 2013 Students' scientific conference (ICT Prague)
                                • Modern polymeric materials with intrinsic microporosity (2nd place)
                              • 2013 Travel award by EMS to Summer membrane school (Essen, Germany)
                                • 2011 Students' scientific conference (ICT Prague)
                                  • Influence of nanofillers ZIF-8 to gas sorption in polymers with intrinsic microporosity (2nd place)
                                • 2012 „Superfibers 2012“
                                  • Student’s contest by DuPont, Katz Graduate School of Business and PwC Academy
                                  • Member of the student team which won the 2nd place with the project focused on the improvement of breathable waterproof boots. # 2007-2009 National chemistry olympiad (5th, 18 th, 16 th place)

                                Foreign stays

                                • 2-6/2018 New product development – TRL, FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe B.V.(Tilburg, The Netherlands)
                                  • Development, preparation and characterization of thin film silicone layers
                                • 12/2017 Staff training, Erasmus+, Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Caparica, Portugal)
                                  • 2-7/2016 ITM-CNR, Rende (Italy)
                                    • Development of new method for mixed-gas permeation based on mass spectroscopy


                                  • European Membrane Society
                                    • Czech Chemical Society
                                      • Czech Society of Chemical Engineering


                                        • Physical Chemistry I
                                          • Physical Chemistry: Laboratory I and II